Android Productivity Apps Review: Slack with a Highly Effective Communication System, Asana with Outstanding Project Management Features

The Android productivity apps can make you a more productive person. They have everything to help you dealing with your jobs and businesses in a highly efficient way. In this article, you will find two Android productivity apps review simultaneously. Take a look at them.

Android Productivity Apps Review - Slack

Android Productivity Apps Review: Slack

Slack has revolutionized the way everyone communicates. It is a social media platform for groups. All the messages go through Slack are organized in different Channels. They are searchable. With a plenty of customizable options, Slack can open a new door for enhancing your productivity.

When you first enter into the app, you will feel a bit disorganized and chaotic. However, when you customize it to send relevant information, you will find how incredibly useful can it be! If you and your teammates tag people and topics appropriately, the pace of your project will reach a new dimension. As a result, it has achieved a massive admiration from all the Android productivity apps review. However, I still believe that the other dedicated apps, like Asana and Zoho Projects, are better options for project management.

Both you and your team will need user IDs and passwords. You can join multiple teams. Each team is provided with the dashboard for your conversation that always remain private.

The direct messaging option has been enhanced. You can use it not only in one-to-one conversation but also in making communication with multiple persons at the same time.

Slack can be integrated with a large number of apps, including Trello, ZenDesk and JIRA. When you made the integration, it becomes even more effective.

Overall, Slack is the best tool for online communication and collaboration. So, you must have it in your Android device.

Android Productivity Apps Review - Asana

Android Productivity Apps Review: Asana

All the people who are desperate to enhance their productivities love Asana. The project management app can deal workflow management and task management with an incredible efficiency.

Basically, it is a task management app for the teams. You can write the details and instructions of the task and assign it to the appropriate team member with a due date. You can then monitor whether the task is completed within the appropriate time or not.

But in an advanced way, it is just more than a task management app. For instance, it comes with the Conversations feature, which allows you to discuss things related to the project with the team members and create a new task from there.

With the new design, Asana has received an outstanding look. As a result, it has been admired by all the Android productivity apps review of the top rated publications.

Asana has only one drawback. It always requires an internet connection. Most of the Android productivity apps of the recent time are able to display content offline. So, this is the area that we feel Asana needs to improve.

Nonetheless, Asana is one of the best Android productivity apps that we have ever seen. Its design, feature and efficiency is second to none.

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