Android P New Features: 10 Options that Make Your Digital Life a Lot Easier

Android P is Google’s latest mobile operating system. At the Google I/O 2018 Keynote note, the tech giant showcases several amazing new features. They can take your digital life to a whole new level. In this article, you will find 10 Android P new features. Take a look at them.

Android P New Features - Wi-Fi Round Trip Time

Android P New Features: Wi-Fi Round Trip Time

Android P offers you a pretty unique option, called Wi-Fi Round-Trip Time (RTT). It allows you to estimate the duration of a trip while staying inside the building. More specifically, it is an indoor based GPS system. At first, it determines your location inside your home or office through GPS. Then the technology offers you turn by turn direction. As a result, you can navigate indoors in a completely unique way.

Android P New Features - Gesture Navigation

Android P New Features: Gesture Navigation

Apple had introduced an amazing gesture navigation feature in the iPhone X. And now, a similar option has been introduced in Android P. There is a new single home button, which supports swiping functionality. If you swipe it up, you will see the recently used app. You will also find an UI with recommended apps. You can also switch the apps by swiping the button left or right. It takes the speed of navigation to a whole new level.

Android P New Features - App Time Limits

Android P New Features: App Time Limits

Are you addicted to Facebook and Twitter? Is it harming your work or productivity? You might like to use a new feature for app restriction. It is known as App Timer. It enables you to set a time limit for the use of specific software. So, when the limit is over, the app will be paused. In this way, you will be forced to stop getting addicted and focus on your work.

Android P New Features - Do Not Disturb

Android P New Features: Do Not Disturb

Are you frustrated with getting a massive number of phone calls and notifications? Are you struggling to spend a great time with your family? You should definitely use the new Do Not Disturb feature. It silences all sorts of things that disturb you. The notifications will no longer pop out. All the phone calls are being silenced. You just need to put the face of your Android phone down on the table. You will be free from all sorts of interruptions.

Android P New Features - Wind Down

Android P New Features: Wind Down

There are a lot of people who fall asleep while using their smartphones. When anyone calls you, you jump up from your bed. It might sound strange. But that’s the reality. However, Android P offers a great solution for the specific issue. Just activate the Wind Down feature. The screen mode will be switched to Night Light. It will also activate Do Not Disturb mode. So, your sleep will not be interrupted by any means.

Android P New Features - Editing Screenshots

Android P New Features: Editing Screenshots

It might not sound as exciting as other features on our list. However, the option for editing screenshots has created a massively positive impression. You can take the shots and edit them without using any additional app. There will also be an option for capturing the screen with the power button. So, there will be a lot of flexibility.

Android P New Features - Slices

Android P New Features: Slices

It has been years since Google started to work on a special type of UIs. The engineers wanted it to be embedded on other external applications, while being fully functional. This time, they have managed to do it with Android P. Just say “Lyft” via Google Voice Search. An interactive interface, called Slice, will appear. It will show you the price and duration of your trip. It might sound simple. But slice has opened a new door for performing activities outside the software. So, it is very significant.

Android P New Features - Smart Reply

Android P New Features: Smart Reply

Google has brought a set of one-tap response suggestions, called Smart Reply. You will find them within the notification of a variety of messaging apps, including Slack and Pulse. They might not be very useful for all scenarios. But if you really want to save time, they can be incredibly time saving. In this way, you can enhance your productivity.

Android P New Features - Battery Life Estimator

Android P New Features: Battery Life Estimator

Like the previous versions, Android P comes with the battery life indicator. As usual, it is located on the top right side. In addition, Google has used a new technology that estimates the life of the battery. Thanks to the inclusion of the Adaptive Battery feature. Now, you get the most accurate information of your battery life. So, you will not need to rush to the charging point at the airport.

Android P New Features - Improved Screen Rotation

Android P New Features: Improved Screen Rotation

There are a lot of users who are frustrated with the sudden screen rotation. But in Android P, you will not have the same experience. Thanks to the inclusion of a new rotation button in the navigation bar. You can tap it whenever you want to rotate the screen. It is way better than the good old fully automatic rotation setup, where you have to constantly struggle with maintaining the right orientation.

Which one of these Android P new features sound most interesting to you? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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