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Android O vs iOS 11: Which is the world’s best mobile operating system?

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Android O is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. On the other hand, iOS 11 is the new operating system for the iDevices. Both of them provide an incredibly smooth user experience. But which is the better one? In this Android O vs iOS 11 comparison, you will find the answer in a detailed way. So, let’s dive in.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Effectiveness

Android O vs iOS 11: Effectiveness

Android O has been packed with tons of new features. You can navigate Google Maps through a floating thumbnail. It enables you to get involved with other tasks, like surfing online and checking emails, simultaneously. Another great addition is the picture-in-picture (PIP) technology. You can use it to shrink the YouTube videos into a small window and get into other apps at the same time. There is also a new feature, which you can use to perform auto-fill in different fields, like name, email and address, just like Google Chrome. All these features are simple, but incredibly effective for making all the Android devices more useful in daily life.

Apple has introduced several new options with the iOS 11. For instance, it enables you to play music using multiple speakers, which you couldn’t do with the iOS 10. While the feature sounds really cool, it had been already introduced in the Android several years ago. Yes, iOS 11 has some pretty cool options. But in terms of effectiveness, they are nowhere close to Android O. The only feature in iOS 11 that feels really unique to us is making transactions with Apple Pay in iMessage. But still, in terms of effectiveness, Android O is the real champ.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Voice Assistant

Android O vs iOS 11: Voice Assistant

Android Assistant is the voice AI of the latest Android operating system. You can use it to control a wide range of smart home devices, including Nest Thermostat and Nature Remo Air Conditioner. There are also two additional options, including Google Voice Search and Google Now, which you can use to make voice command. Yes, there are some usual recognition problems in the AI. But still, it is a way more accurate than any other voice solution on the market.

Apple has improved the functionality on Siri significantly. Now, the voice AI can control different apps. By using voice commands, you can tell it to type a message with Telegram. It’s a huge addition. A new male voice has been introduced to provide the users with a new flavor. But overall, it cannot beat the Google Assistant. The voice AI on the Android O is significantly more accurate, versatile and powerful. It will take Apple several years to equip Siri with the features that can take out the Android Assistant.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Messaging

Android O vs iOS 11: Messaging

There is no significant change in the messaging option on the Android O. You get the same texting apps, including Hangouts, Allo and Duo. They are very effective and specialized. But still, there is a lack of uniqueness. It would have been awesome if Google had introduced an all-in-one messaging solution.

In terms of texting, there is also no major change in the iOS 11. However, as stated earlier, you can use iMessage to pay money to your friends with Apple Pay. This is a unique feature that you will not find in any mobile operating system. So, in terms of messaging, iOS 11 is the real winner.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Virus Protection

Android O vs iOS 11: Virus Protection

Google has introduced a highly effective virus protection system with the Android O. It is known as Google Play Protect, which prevents all the malicious apps from being installed in your device. As the name suggests, the system has been specifically designed to protect the software on Play Store. iOS 11 also comes with the App Store security feature. However, it is struggling to show the same level of strong performance as the Google Play Protect. So, in terms of protection for malware and harmful apps, Android O reigns supreme.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Emojis

Android O vs iOS 11: Emojis

Both Android O and iOS 11 comes with several new Emojis. Google has redesigned all the blobs with the classic shape. As a result, they have received a completely new look. However, the real champ is the iOS 11, which features the all-new animojis. You can use them to create animated emojis using your facial expression, which is really cool. So, you have a better chance for presenting your emotions in a hilarious way.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Android O vs iOS 11: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Google has been experimenting with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for years. As a result, the recent Android OS has received several game-changing features, including Tango, Google’s latest AR technology. Apple has just entered into the world of AR with the ARKit, which has a lot of potential. But right now, it lags far behind from Google’s capability.

Android O is also compatible with Google Daydream, an amazing VR technology. Playing games, like NFS: No Limits, is a real pleasure. However, Apple still has a lot to catch up in this area.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Design

Android O vs iOS 11: Design

Google has put up a lot of effort to provide the Android O with possibly the cleanest interface. The Settings app has been completely redesigned. All the options have been re-categorized. There is no slide-out menu. The new interface allows you to change the shape of the app icons without using any launcher, which is really cool. However, when you compare all these things with the heavily overhauled design features of the iOS 11, you will not be that impressed. In its latest mobile operating system, Apple has redesigned most of the features, including lock screen, app store, Siri’s interface and Control Center. But more importantly, all these design improvements offer the user a much better experience than the Android O. So, in this case, iOS 11 clinches the win.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Background Limit

Android O vs iOS 11: Background Limit

One of the stand out features of the Android O is the Background Limit option. It allows the operating system to limit the number of apps running in the background. It can be very useful, especially in saving battery power. So, after installing Android O, there is a high chance for your device to deliver a much better battery performance. iOS 11 has a specific feature that you can use to limit the activity of the background apps. You can disable Background App Refresh to reduce power usage. However, there is no way of restricting the number of software running in the background.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Notification

Android O vs iOS 11: Notification

Google has improved the notification option in Android O significantly. Whenever you get a new notification from any app, you will notice a dot in the upper right corner of the icon. The number of dots represents the number of awaiting alerts. The feature sounds really cool. However, Apple has been using it in the iOS for years. More importantly, Google seems to copy the 3D touch technology of the Cupertino company. Similar to the 3D touch on the iOS 11, a long press on the icon bring a small menu that displays different options related to notification options. So, in this case, iOS 11 is the real winner.

Android O vs iOS 11 - Copy and Paste

Android O vs iOS 11: Copy and Paste

The copy and paste options in the Android O have been enhanced significantly. Thanks to the introduction of Smart Text Selection, which utilizes the machine learning technology to detect the type of highlighted information. Then it recommends you the right app to interact with it. For example, when you highlight an address, it will provide you with the link to Google Maps app. On the other hand, iOS 11 hasn’t received any major improvement in this area. However, there is a new drag and drop feature. You can use it to drag text, image or link from the browser to any app with a view to pasting. If you are an iPad user, it will be very handy for you. You can take the advantage of this feature and the larger screen to perform copy and paste functionality very quickly and easily.

Android O vs iOS 11 - The Verdict

Android O vs iOS 11: The Verdict

iOS 11 has a lot of improvements. However, it fails to beat the Android O in most of the areas, including virus protection, voice assistant and VR. So, right now, Google’s latest mobile operating system has the upper hand. However, by revealing software updates in the right way, Apple can quickly get back on track. So, it will be really interesting to see how the Cupertino company enhances the features in the coming days.

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