Android Marketplace List: 3 Best Google Play Alternatives for Your Android Device

Whenever you think about downloading apps for your smartphone, the first Android marketplace that comes to your mind is Google Play. However, there are plenty of marketplaces, rather than Google Play, which contains all the top-rated apps.

In this article, you will find the 3 best alternatives for Google Play.

#3 in Our Android Marketplace List - SlideMe

#3 in Our Android Marketplace List: SlideMe

SlideMe has a huge collection of useful Android apps, which are arranged in a wide range of categories. All of them enters into the store after passing the quality control process. It ensures the availability of the best Android apps. Two of the most important features of SlideMe are its global availability and the ability to accept different payment methods, including PayPal. For these reasons, the Android marketplace has been able to create a huge user base.

#2 in Our Android Marketplace List - AppsLib

#2 in Our Android Marketplace List: AppsLib

AppsLib has more than 40,000 Android apps that are certified as compatible for different smartphones. From useful apps to exciting games, it has got everything arranged in different categories. Similar to the previous Android marketplace, it accepts payment via PayPal. AppsLib has been specifically built for the tablets that haven’t got certification from Google. So, if you have a similar device, AppsLib is the right place for you.

#1 in Our Android Marketplace List - Mobogenie

#1 in Our Android Marketplace List: Mobogenie

Mobogenie has a large number of curated apps. From Android apps and games to wallpapers and ringtones, it has got everything. It has some unique features, including the ability to allow you to download and install apps and games on your smartphone through your computer. It can also work as a file manager. Again, it allows you to create back-up for the content of your device. So, you will never have to worry about losing valuable content, even though your device is lost. For all these reasons, Mobogenie takes the #1 spot in our Android marketplace list.

This is the end of the article. Keep in touch with us to know more alternatives to the Google Play Android marketplace.