Android LG Smartwatch List: 3 of the Best Wearables of the Korean Giant

LG has been developing world-class smartwatches and buzzing the wearable enthusiasts with outstanding features. In this article, you will find the best Android LG smartwatch list, covering 3 of the best wearable devices on the current market. Take a look at them.

Android LG Smartwatch List - LG Watch Urbane (2nd Edition)

Android LG Smartwatch List: LG Watch Urbane (2nd Edition)

The LG Watch urbane (2nd Edition) looks more stylish with the larger 1.38-inch P-OLED display. It has a relatively high pixel density of 348 ppi, which enables it to make everything look sharper than ever before. It is arguably the best screen among the other wearable devices right at this moment. Its housing is constructed with the stainless steel. Its rubber caps and wristbands offer better grips. Under the hood, it contains the Snapdragon 400 processor and 768 MB RAM, which are enough to run all the apps flawlessly. Its 570 mAh battery promises two days of backup time.

Android LG Smartwatch List - LG Watch R

Android LG Smartwatch List: LG Watch R

The Watch R is the very first Android LG smartwatch to feature the fully rounded display. As a result, it looks as cool as the traditional timepieces. The P-OLED panel of the 1.3-inch display produces vibrant colors and deep blacks. Its viewing angles are outstanding. Having a stainless steel casing, it can easily stand out from the crowd. Although having no military grading material, it looks really rough. Like the previously mentioned device, its battery is able to last two days. It also features the same Snapdragon 400 processor. However, it has less RAM of 512 MB. But you will never face any issue with the performance. It operates at a great pace.

Android LG Smartwatch List - LG Urbane Luxe Smart Watch

Android LG Smartwatch List: LG Urbane Luxe Smart Watch

The Urbane Luxe Smart Watch is the most expensive and beautiful Android LG smartwatch on the market. Having 23-karat gold finish, it can catch anyone’s attention at the very first sight. It has a slightly modified clasp with respect to the original Watch Urbane. It also has the alligator leather band, which offers an exclusive and premium feeling. If you are really serious about fashion, the $1200 device is definitely a great option for you.

This is the end of our best Android LG smartwatch list. Keep in touch with us to find all the most buzzing smartwatches on the market.

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