Android GPS App Reviews: Waze for Dozing Traffic Jam and Komoot for the Great Outdoor Trips

During these days, the GPS apps have been very essential for your smartphones. They can not only take you to your destination through the correct way but also help you avoid the massive traffic jam. In this article, you will find two Android GPS app reviews simultaneously. Take a look at them.

Android GPS App Reviews - Waze for Dozing Traffic Jam

Android GPS App Reviews: Waze for Dozing Traffic Jam

Waze is not only a GPS app but also a social app. It allows its users to share real-time information about the traffic and routes. So, it can save you valuable hours by helping you dozing the traffic jam through directing you to the most suitable route. It even produces information about the gas prices. So, you can find the cheapest gas pretty easily. As a result, it receives a massive admiration from all the Android GPS app reviews.

The app really excels in providing the most accurate directions, which are pretty easy to follow. All the credits go to the real time feedback from the users. If you compare the directions with the other GPS apps, you will see the real difference.

An amazing feature of the app is the ability to show your friend’s most possible arrival time while you are going to the same place. It can help you to arrive at your destination earlier. So, it is definitely a very smart option.

Overall, Waze is one of the hottest GPS apps in the market. Its 4.5 out of 5 star feedback on Google Play clearly shows how amazing it is!

Android GPS App Reviews - Komoot for the Great Outdoor Trips

Android GPS App Reviews: Komoot for the Great Outdoor Trips

Komoot is the best GPS app for all the outdoor enthusiasts. It provides you with the directions and routes to those remote places that are not available in the other GPS apps on the market. More specifically, it can always find a way in the unknown wilderness.

Like the previous app, Komoot uses the information from its users. This information has been integrated with the mapping technology to guide you to your destination from wherever you are through turn by turn navigation.

It is an outstanding app for all the hikers and cyclists. The quality of the route provided by the app is second to none. Whether you are cycling on the wilderness or hiking through the Austrian Alps, it always provides you with the most accurate direction. As a result, it has received an outstanding feedback from all the Android GPS app reviews.

If you go to outdoors frequently, it is definitely the best GPS apps for you on the market.

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