Android Apps Reviews: Hopper with an Outstanding Ability to Find the Cheapest Flights, AndroMoney with Colorful Visuals for Tracking Expenses Effectively

While there are tons of apps on the market, reading reviews can make your work of finding the best ones a lot easier. For this reason, we have published this article that covers 2 android apps reviews simultaneously. Take a look at them.

Android Apps Reviews - Hopper

Android Apps Reviews: Hopper

Recently, Hopper has created a massive buzz throughout the online community with its outstanding ability to track and alert the travelers about the cheapest flights. In terms of travel price tracking, it is much better than the leading apps in the category.


Hopper has a very clean and user-friendly design. While searching for flights, it pulls up a color-coded calendar. It marks the most expensive days red. On the other hand, the cheapest ones are marked green. Due to the simplicity, it gets a positive feedback in our Android apps reviews.


There is a button on the top of the page. If you tap it, the app will start keeping an eye on the price of the specific trip. Whenever a reasonable price is found, you will be notified immediately. Overall, the notifications can play a major role in finding the best trip deals effectively.

Purchasing Flight Tickets

The flights are presented in a very organized way. The departure, arrival and flight times are displayed in a very simple way. There is a sorting tool that helps you to find the shortest and non-stop flights pretty easily. Purchasing flight tickets is also very easy. With just a few taps, you can purchase tickets directly from the airlines. There is a small percent of the commission fee, which is based on the route.

The Verdict

Hopper ensures that you always get the cheapest flight and arrive at your destination in the shortest time possible. If you go abroad very often, it is a must-have Android app for you.

Android Apps Reviews - AndroMoney

Android Apps Reviews: AndroMoney

There are thousands of budgeting Android apps. But only a few of them have been able to meet the demand of the users as AndroMoney. Despite being built as a general budgeting app, it can work efficiently as a solution to the business expense tracking.


While most of the budgeting apps come with a dull appearance, AndroMoney comes with a colorful design. Just tap on “New”. You will be presented with a bright calculator and colorful notifications. As a result, it gets a great feedback in our Android apps reviews.


Using the calculator, you can insert your desired amount and save it in the appropriate category and account type. You can also save the information about payee as well as specify whether it’s a one-time or periodic payment.

Every category comes with a series of subcategories. For example, if you select Car, you will find several subcategories, like Tolls. It enables you to track your expenses very effectively.


AndroMoney offers you with the reports about your expenses with colorful visuals, including pie-charts, bar charts and trend charts. If you need to send the report to your supervisor in a less graphical way, you can get all the data exported in the CSV format.

The Verdict

AndroMoney is definitely a very effective app. In terms of tracking expenses on an individual basis, it is one of the best apps in the current market.

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