Android Apps Review: Telegram and Google’s Science Journal App

If you are looking for great Android apps review, this is the right article for you. It provides the reviews of the two latest Android apps simultaneously. Take a look at them.

Android Apps Review - Telegram

Android Apps Review: Telegram

The Telegram is the hottest messaging app on the current market. It is making the lives of other leading apps, like WhatsApp, very difficult due to its advanced features. Let’s take a look at this amazing app.


The Telegram is completely free to use. It is not made for profit. So, you will never face the issue of annoying advertisements. It can be used simultaneously on different devices, a feature that is absent in WhatsApp.

The most significant feature is the secret chat option. It features end-to-end encryption and automatic self-destruction. As a result, only the persons involved in the chat are able to see the conversation and transferred files. No other person is able to see them.  For this reason, it has achieved a massive admiration from all the latest Android apps review.


The Telegram works at an extremely fast pace. You will never experience any lagging issue. Messages are being sent swiftly. More importantly, it hardly crashes. The power consumption looks quite normal.


The only issue of Telegram is forcing the users to use a phone number. More specifically, it is mandatory to provide at least one phone number while performing the registration. If you want to change it later, you will need to take the help from the assistant of the app.

The Verdict

In terms of privacy and security, Telegram is the best messaging app on the market. If you are looking for a high performance messaging app with an outstanding privacy option, it is definitely the right choice for you.

Android Apps Review - Google’s Science Journal App

Android Apps Review: Google’s Science Journal App

Google has recently released the Science Journal app with a view to encouraging the future scientists by helping them with different experiments. It has already generated a massive buzz everywhere.


The Science Journal app uses the sensors of your smartphones, as well as external sensors that are available to buy on Google’s Making and Science website, to conduct different experiments. For example, you can measure the running speed over the course of a week. You can even measure the movement of the homemade wind spinners. By using the app, the future scientists will definitely be more encouraged to indulge in the innovative activities.


The app has been developed to perform flawlessly. It operates at a blazing pace. And we never found any lagging or crashing issues.

The Verdict

The Science Journal app is super cool. If you want to make your kids interested in science and innovation, it is a must have app for your Android device.

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