Android Apps for Entertainment: 4 of the Best Ones in the Current Market

There are tons of Android apps for entertainment in the market. But not all of them can be regarded as the best ones. However, we have managed to develop a list of 5 of the most amazing entertainment apps in the market. Take a look at them.

Android Apps for Entertainment - HBO Now


Android Apps for Entertainment: HBO Now

There is nothing new to say about HBO Now. It has been one of the hottest entertainment apps in the market for some time. It provides you with the unlimited access to all of HBO’s content, including Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and True Detective. You do not have to go after the TV package to get them. Moreover, HBO gets all the latest and the biggest movies on their hands before any other streaming service. So, if you are a movie addict, HBO Now is one of the must-have Android apps for entertainment for you.

Android Apps for Entertainment - Sound Cloud

Android Apps for Entertainment: Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud enables you to find the most amazing trending music that cannot be found elsewhere. It has millions of music of different genres, including rock, electronic, jazz and classical. When you listen to the music created with unique musical instruments, you will feel that you are out of this world! If you are a music lover, Sound Cloud is one of the most essential entertainment apps for you.

Android Apps for Entertainment - djay2

Android Apps for Entertainment: djay2

Do you dream about transforming your smartphone into a DJ deck? Just install djay2 into your device. You can mix your favorite songs and transform them into the outstanding remixes. If you are interested in making unique remixes, djay2 can be one of the most effective Android apps for entertainment for you.

Android Apps for Entertainment - Songkick Concerts

Android Apps for Entertainment: Songkick Concerts

You will never have to worry about getting concert tickets if you install Songkick Concerts into your device. The app is able to import your most favorite artists from different services, including Google Music and Spotify. It will notify you whenever they are on tour near you. So, you will never miss any nearby concerts.

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