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Acer Tablet Review: Iconia One 8 with a Decent Display, Tough Body and Cheaper Price Tag

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The tablets of Acer always appeal the consumers with its great look and outstanding performance. More specifically, they are regarded as one of the best large screened gadgets in the market. In this article, you will find an Acer tablet review on the Iconia One 8. Let’s take a look at this device.

Acer Tablet Review - Iconia One 8 with a Decent Display, Tough Body and Cheaper Price Tag

Acer Tablet Review: Design

Being a cheaper device, the Iconia One 8 doesn’t come with the most premium design. However, its bezel is small. Moreover, it has a thickness of only 9.55mm. As a result, it is very comfortable and easier to hold. Despite being constructed with the plastic, the body is very tough. So, it will be quite effective for you if you want your kids to use it.

Acer Tablet Review: Display

The Iconia One 8 comes with an 8-inch LCD display. It has a resolution of 1200 x 800, which is enough for viewing all the photos, movies and games gorgeously. It comes with a new technology, called “Zero Air Gap.” It enhances the readability on the screen. Moreover, it makes the display less prone to reflection. For these reasons, the display gets a positive feedback in our Acer tablet review.

Acer Tablet Review: Precision Touch Technology

The Iconia One 8 features a new technology, called “Precision Touch.” Basically, it is a system in which a grid of much smaller sensors has been used to make the display extremely sensitive. As a result, you can draw on the 8-inch display of the tablet with a regular pencil. It’s definitely a very unique feature.

Acer Tablet Review: Camera

The Iconia One 8 features a 5-MP primary camera and 0.3-MP secondary camera. If you compare it with the latest smartphone cameras, you will definitely be disappointed. But considering the fact that most of the people do not use the tablet cameras as their primary shooting options, it doesn’t seem to be a big issue.

Acer Tablet Review: Hardware and Performance

Being equipped with the 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM, the Iconia One 8 cannot be regarded as an extremely fast device. However, it is able to handle the daily tasks, like email handling, web surfing and online streaming, at a decent pace. Apps like Office Suite also works perfectly.

Acer Tablet Review: Battery

The 4550 mAh battery is not impressive. It drains too fast while running games. It is found to last 8 hours and 19 minutes, which doesn’t match the claimed back up time of 10 hours.

Acer Tablet Review: The Verdict

The Acer tablet may not be a very powerful tablet. It may not have an outstanding battery. But it is a good looking device that has an extremely touch sensitive display. Moreover, it is available at an extremely cheap price of $112.54. Overall, it is a great value for your money.

This is the end of our Acer tablet review. Keep visiting our website to get more reviews on the large screened Android devices.

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