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Acer Predator Computers and Tablets Looks to Enhance PC Gaming in 2015

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Acer is hoping to change your perception with the new lineup of Predator computers and tablets that will launch in 2015. The new lineup of Acer Predator computers and tablets are being built with the most advanced gamers in mind, and by the looks of what we’ve seen they’ve done just that.

Over the years, Acer Predator has become one of the best-selling gaming computers, but have seen many others enter the same market. With the changes in store including lightning speed, amazing graphics, and of course, the signature Predator exterior design.

Acer Predator Computers and Tablets in 2015

The first to hit this year will be the Acer Predator X35 monitor. Featuring a best in class IPS display with a resolution of 3440 x 1440. The speed is something that really caught our attention as the 35” monitor will boast a 144Hz frame rate.

The new 8” gaming tablet will be here in time for the holidays, and will be the perfect complement of gaming and mobile specs. Not much is known on what’s under the hood, but it’s expected to be one of the top gaming tablets for 2015. Also expected to launch just before the holidays are two new 2015 Predator laptops at 15 and 17 inches in size.

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