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A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Moto X Style

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It is official: the Moto X Style, also known as the Pure Edition is set to be released in September. Over the past few months there has been plenty of speculation about this new edition. With the help of some intriguing leaks, consumers have enjoyed a sneak peek at this stylish model and the photos have been enough to get even the most hardcore Android fans buzzing.

Great Looks for a Low Cost

The Moto X Style is the high-end sibling of a set of three phones that will be released in the coming weeks. Rumor is that the phone will cost $200-300 less than comparable models from competitors and includes an impressive camera for all the shutterbugs who are constantly posting to Instagram. It is also bigger and faster than available products, but what is really getting people talking are the design elements.

The average smartphone user probably can’t tell the difference between different high-tech cameras that are now available on every phone and they may notice slight variations in processing speeds. At this point, a competitive Android market means that there is no runaway winner when it comes to overall performance.

Customize Your Phone

What they Android users can appreciate about the Moto X Style is the ability to create a custom design that stands out and allows you to reflect your own personal style. Consumers can choose from among leather, wood and rubberized backs that come in a variety of colors and styles. With this latest version, you will also be able to customize lens, metal accent and frame colors to find a combination best suits your taste and creates a unique, signature phone.

While Android and smartphone technology has continued to move forward, the changes are sometimes only incremental and hard to differentiate for the average consumer who is more concerned with function and less with having the latest gadget. The Moto X Style caters to this demographic by providing enough customizable options that each consumer can carry around a unique and stylish phone in their pocket.

Make a Statement

If you are looking for a high performance Android phone that doesn’t look and feel like every other model on the market, the Moto X Style promises to meet these demands. Be on the lookout for the exact launch date and be sure to stop by and share your impressions of this new phone.

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