7″ and 8″ Asus ZenPad Expected to Launch June 1st at Computex Taipei

The Computex Taipei event starting June 1st is expected to be huge for Asus as we’re fully expecting two new tablets to be made official. A 7” and 8” Asus ZenPad is expected to launch here in a few days, and it’s already drawing a lot of consumer attention.

The renders that have appeared on the internet today confirms our suspicions of the Intel Atom X3 processor with an aspect ratio of 4:3 giving high end tablets some more competition. The 4:3 ratio with give both the ZenPad 7 and ZenPad 8 a resolution of 2048 x 1536.

7" and 8" Asus ZenPad Expected to Launch June 1st

The 8” ZenPad will be the premium, larger version, and will cost slightly more than the 7” model. Both models will be featured in two variants including Wi-Fi only and 3G models. The Wi-Fi Asus ZenPad 7 (Z170C) and 3G Asus ZenPad 7(Z170CG) are already known.

Also expected to be made official at Computex Taipei is the next gen ZenWatch. The ZenWatch 2 will feature the latest version of Android Wear and will be fully functional with Wi-Fi support out of the box. We’ll bring you all the confirmations out of Computex during the week 1 of June event.

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