5 Best Android Language Apps in 2016

Android language apps can play a major role in helping you to learn a new language significantly. It, in turn, can open a new gate of opportunities for taking your career to a new level.

In this article, you will find 5 of the best Android language apps that you should have in your device in 2016.

Best Android Language Apps - Phrasebook

Best Android Language Apps: Phrasebook

If you want to learn a language quickly for the travel purpose, Phrasebook can be very effective for you. It focuses on teaching the phrases, rather than the basics. You can record your pronunciation and compare it with the correct one. In this way, you can speed up the learning process. For this reason, it is regarded as one of the most amazing Android language apps of all time.

Best Android Language Apps - Tourist Language

Best Android Language Apps: Tourist Language

The Tourist Language is also a great app for learning languages quickly. Similar to phrasebook, it also emphasizes on learning phrases. The interface is really cool. It also has a great utility, which can help you to fill your communication blank significantly. If you want to learn asking someone about the nearest restaurant in a foreign language, it is definitely the right option for you. Overall, in terms of practicality, Tourist Language is one of the best Android language apps.

Best Android Language Apps - Learn 50 Languages

Best Android Language Apps: Learn 50 Languages

If you are looking for an app for learning multiple languages, the Learn 50 Languages is the right option for you. It enables you to learn all the basics of different languages, including Spanish, German and Chinese. It offers hundreds of lessons, which are enough for strengthening your knowledge of the language basics. In addition, it has 2500 language combinations. Overall, it is one of the most versatile Android language apps.

Best Android Language Apps - Memrise

Best Android Language Apps: Memrise

If you want to learn languages through a lot of fun, Memrise can be a great app for you. It teaches you different languages through a wide range of pictures. More specifically, some of the images are really funny. The app has been scientifically designed to help you learn 44 words per hour.  It covers thousands of courses and hundreds of languages. Overall, it is one of the most effective Android language apps in the market.

Best Android Language Apps - Duolingo

Best Android Language Apps: Duolingo

Duolingo is arguably the best language app for the Android devices of all time. It offers a wide range of methods for helping you learning your desired language. It allows you to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing any language effectively. You can even learn the languages through playing games. More importantly, spending 34 hours in this app is equivalent to a university semester education. If you are a serious learner, the Duolingo is one of the best language apps for you right now.

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