3 New 2015 HTC Rumors to Have You Wanting More

HTC has quietly become one of the industry leaders of mobile technology, and 2014 was yet just one more reason why. HTC smartphones and other mobile devices have peaked the curiosity of consumers and analysts to have people wondering what’s in store next. As we get ready to turn the page to another New Year, 2015 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for HTC. The following HTC rumors are some of the most practical based on what we have been hearing about the most.

Keep reading to find out the new 2015 HTC rumors that are sure to have you wanting more….

2015 HTC Rumors

HTC One M9 Prime

The HTC One M9 Prime is almost certain, especially with all the leaks that we have been privy to. The M9 Prime is expected to be the new premiere HTC flagship that will give consumers yet one more reason to consider HTC smartphones. The Prime concept will share many of the same specs as the standard M9, but will offer unique features such as a liquid silicone and aluminum surround and waterproof design.

Expected to be released during the 1st quarter of 2015, and is now rumored to be featured as a limited market release. This may change over the course of the next few months as consumer interest is really taking off on the Prime concept.

The unique surround is becoming one of the top features as the sexy appeal of the HTC One M8, but with a must stronger composite is what consumers want to see. Other specs rumored are a 20 MP front camera, 4000 mAh battery, rear DUO camera element, a 5.5” QHD display, and a quad-core 2.5 ghz processor.

The HTC One M9 Prime is believed to be officially announced during the first week in March, which would set the stage for a late March 2015 release.

HTC Hima

We have been hearing many 2015 HTC rumors on a brand new flagship series called the HTC Hima. The latest rumors suggest a 2nd quarter release, and is expected to be a budget friendly HTC smartphone release in 2015. With premium features but much smaller in size, the Hima is expected to appeal to those looking for some amazing features, but with a much lower price.

The HTC Hima rumors are suggesting a 5.0” QHD display, 20 MP rear camera, an Ultra HD front camera, 3 GB of RAM, 2900 mAh battery, and five color options. The phone is already being compared to iPhone’s budget alternative, the iPhone 5c.

Premium Featured HTC Tablets

What would the tablet industry be without one of the top mobile manufacturers? The newest 2015 HTC rumors suggest that HTC is looking to get into the tablet industry. Premium tablets will be the concentration that appeal to a high end user base will be their only concern as the look to appeal to a small subset of users.

The tablet industry has slowly become one of the most congested mobile industries, partly because the high surplus of low to mid-grade tablets. With this in mind, concentrating on high end tablets where the competition is less will allow HTC to create something to rival the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

The same HTC rumors for 2015 align with the idea of concentrating their efforts on market sustainability, versus any short-term aspirations.

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