3 Best Android GPS Apps that Can Go Toe to Toe with the Google Maps

Most of you might be using the GPS of the Google Maps. However, there are a handful of Android GPS apps that can not only be very useful for you but also can perform as good as the GPS of Google Maps.

In this article, you will find 3 of the most reliable Android GPS apps for your device.

Best Android GPS Apps – MapFactor GPS Navigation

Best Android GPS Apps – MapFactor: GPS Navigation

If you are looking for an offline map with GPS, the MapFactor: GPS Navigation is the most suitable option for you. It downloads maps and stores it into the SD card. You can use it later in case there is no internet connectivity. It uses OffStreetMap, which is compatible with a large number of countries. Despite not looking as cool as the Google Maps, it can work out as a very effective application. For this reason, the MapFactor: GPS Navigation is one of the best Android GPS apps in the market.

Best Android GPS Apps – Waze Social Maps & Traffic

Best Android GPS Apps – Waze Social Maps & Traffic

Being acquired by Google, Waze Social Maps & Traffic have received several features that are baked into the Google Maps. There will also be more features added to it in the future. But for now, Waze is working as a stand-alone app that provides traffic information from other people driving on the road. As a result, it is able to provide you with the real time information. The most unique option of this app is finding cheaper gas. So, it can save you a lot of money. For all these things, the Waze Social Maps & Traffic is regarded as one of the hottest Android GPS apps right at this moment.

Best Android GPS Apps – BackCountry Nav

Best Android GPS Apps – BackCountry Nav

BackCountry Nav allowed you to navigate those areas that are not available in other apps. Its navigation system works beyond the typical roads and streets. So, you can explore the unknown wild places with ease. If you have a tendency of going for the hiking very often, this app is highly recommended. Despite being tagged with a high price of $11.99, it is definitely one of the most effective Android GPS apps in the market.

This is the end of our article. What do you think about these Android GPS apps? Share your thoughts through the comment section.


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