2015 Smartphone Rumors; Comparing the Camera Specs of the Top Three Releases

The upcoming lineup of 2015 smartphones is already looking quite impressive as all of the top manufacturers will be coming out with some unique and innovative devices. Many follow-ups to some of the best sellers will be reintroduced, and many new concepts as well. The impressive specs that have been rumored lead us to believe that the cameras will become focal points with the upcoming 2015 smartphone releases.

With new 2015 smartphone rumors we continue to look into it with great detail, and the following on the top three camera specs will give you a great deal of insight of what we believe will be true. With the following three flagships already peaking consumer interest, there is no wonder why the camera specs is becoming one of the main reasons.

2015 Smartphone Rumors

HTC One M9 Prime Camera Specs

The HTC One M9 Prime looks to be a premium featured extension of the former M8 Prime concept. With the release still months away, the many leaks on the new camera features and increased megapixels have consumers wanting more.

Some of the 2015 Smartphone rumors points suggest an 18 MP rear facing camera with auto focus and auto zoom. The front facing camera will also be getting an improvement and is rumored to feature a 5 MP shooter. The DUO camera element that helped make the M8 one of the best is likely to return, and is rumored to be even more responsive than the last.

LG G4 Camera Specs

The LG G4 may just be the most sought after 2015 smartphone, and when looking at all the rumors there is no wondering why. Smartphone cameras have become some of the most popular consumer features, and in the LG G 4 concept it looks like everything is just right.

New 2015 smartphone rumors suggest that the G4 will boast an optical image stabilization feature. The OIS has become the top feature that has been seen in any smartphone as the current Galaxy models all have it integrated. Also rumored are a 20.7 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front-facing camera. Other features expected are auto focus and dual LED.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera Specs

At this point, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera specs looks to be the most impressive. According to the latest 2015 smartphone rumors, the Note 5 will feature an amazing 23 – 25 MP rear-facing camera. Coupled with the optical image stabilization feature that was seen in all premiere 2014 Samsung releases, it’s certain to see a return in all 2015 Samsung flagships.

Aside from the OIS, 3D camera features are also rumored. 3D camera technology is the up and coming thing, as it’s literally a race to see which new flagship will feature 3D cameras first. The latest 2015 Samsung smartphone rumors seem quite practical, and one’s that were hoping to see.

2015 Smartphone Rumors; Comparing the Top Three Cameras

Top 2015 Smartphones HTC One M9 Prime LG G4 Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Rear –facing camera 18 MP 20.7 23 – 25 MP
Front-facing camera 5 MP 5 MP 5 MP
Camera features DUO camera element, auto focus, auto zoom Optical image stabilization, auto focus, dual LED Optical image stabilization, 3D, auto focus, auto zoom, CMOS image sensor

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