2015 Samsung Smartphone Rumors on the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy Edge 2

As we turn the page on yet another year, it’s time to start breaking down the latest smartphone rumors for the coming year. Some of what we’ve been speculating looks to be a reality for 2015 as the new Samsung smartphone rumors are painting a clear picture of things to come. Customary of what you will find throughout, the following 2015 Samsung smartphone rumors on the upcoming premium releases looks to be a pretty good year for one of the top manufacturers.

2015 Samsung Smartphone Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone Rumors

While yet to be officially announced, it seems quite apparent that we’ll see the next installment in the Galaxy S series in a matter of months. The latest 2015 Samsung smartphone rumors looks to be more of a reality as the S6 concept looks to be very clear.

Based on what we’ve been hearing, the S6 should be made official at the MWC event in March which is expected to set up a release date by the end of the month. Many of the S6 specs we’re expecting to see is a 24 MP primary camera, Super Amoled 2K 5.5” screen, Quad-core 2.5 ghz processor, 3 GB RAM, and a 3200 mAh battery. The Galaxy S6 is also rumored to be released in four color options and come with a very comparable price tag.

New Samsung smartphone rumors surrounding the S6 are that of a new Edge version. Presumably called the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it would feature the same Edge controls as the Galaxy Note Edge. As of this time there is minimal information, but the S6 Edge to feature similar specs and size of the standard version with the main concept difference being in the side swipe controls.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Smartphone Rumors

Everyone is already talking about the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone rumors, and why not when considering the amazing aspects of the current Note 4. With a Super Amoled 4K display, 23 – 25 MP front camera, 5 GB RAM, and a 4000 mAh battery is expected.

One of the biggest features of the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 is the integration with other Samsung peripherials. The interaction between upcoming Samsung smartwatches such as the Gear S is expecting to be amazing, and the Gear VR headset will be unique. The Note 5 is expected to be released starting in the orient by mid-September.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Smartphone Rumors

The follow-up to the highly touted Galaxy Note Edge will be by the end October in most markets. This is the most fascinating news on the current Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 smartphone rumors. The initial release was only featured in limited markets worldwide, but with the huge success of the Edge concept the second release is expected to be featured worldwide.

The Note Edge 2 is expected to feature an octa-core processor which will significantly enhance the speed and screen display. An octa-core processor would make it possible for a 4K display, and a lightning fast processor.

With more expected, it will be interesting to see if more 2015 Samsung smartphone rumors transpire over the coming months.

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