2 Most Buzzing Huawei Smartwatches on the Market in 2016

Huawei has produced some of the best looking smartwatches of all time. Moreover, their devices are highly efficient, which helps them to attract a large number of tech enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, you will find 2 of the most buzzing Huawei smartwatches in 2016.

Most Buzzing Huawei Smartwatches - Huawei Watch

Most Buzzing Huawei Smartwatches: Huawei Watch

Despite being released more than a year ago, the Huawei Watch still has a huge demand in the market. It is one of the slickest looking smartwatches of the recent time. It is available in different finishes, including gold, silver and black. Its leather strap is one of the best that we have ever seen. It is incredibly soft, flexible and comfortable. Its 300 mAh might sound less powerful in terms of capacity. But in reality, it performs very well. It can last more than two days with the Ambient Mode being deactivated. And it takes only an hour to be fully charged. Its 1.4-inch circular display is stunning. It is sharper and clearer than most other smartwatch displays on the market. The colors are incredibly vibrant. More specifically, it is on par with Apple Watch’s Retina display. Its 1.2-GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and 512 MB RAM ensures super-fast performance. All these things make it one of the hottest Huawei smartwatches that you will really love to have.

Most Buzzing Huawei Smartwatches - Huawei Band Z1

Most Buzzing Huawei Smartwatches: Huawei Band Z1

Technically, the Huawei Band Z1 is a smartband that is wrapped in a smartwatch. Its 1.06-inch display is pretty decent. It has backlit. So, you can use it as a watch in the middle of the night. Its straps are incredibly soft. So, you will never face any skin irritation. Being IP68 certified, it can be worn while running in the rain. It has been loaded with all the features essential for a fitness tracker, including the ability to count the number of steps and tracking you sleep. Its battery performance is really solid. With a full charge, it can last 3 days comfortably, which is better than the other Huawei smartwatches on the market. And despite having such great features, it costs only $79.99. So, it is a great bargain for your money.

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