1TB Xbox One Official, Starts Shipping June 16th and 500GB Permanent Price Drop to $349

Microsoft unveiled the 1TB Xbox One console that gives you double the storage than the 500GB version that all of us have. The 1TB version comes in black, and is packaged with a newly designed controller that comes in either black or camouflage. There’s also an included Microsoft headset, but for those who own a third party headset, the controller has a 3.5mm stereo jack.

The rumors have been out on the 1TB Xbox One, and Microsoft just made it official. Those in the US, UK, and other markets can expect their orders to start shipping on June 16th, but that’s only if you preordered it. For a limited time, the 1TB console comes bundled with a free Halo: Master Chief Collection.

The controller is slightly redesigned and offers a better ergonomic feel that makes holding the controller feel more natural. The controller will also be able to install firmware updates OTA which makes any future changes that much easier.

Going along with the launch of the 1TB console, the 500GB Xbox One console is seeing a permanent price drop to $349. You can pick get double the memory and a free copy of Halo’s Master Chief for $399 while supplies last. When the bundle is gone, the price will remain the same, but there will be no freebie.

There’s even a free contest where you can win a free Special Edition Covert Forces Controller and 12 months of free time on Xbox Live Gold with a deadline of June 12th to enter. You can order the Xbox One 1TB Halo bundle directly through Amazon while supplies last through the exclusive Amazon link below.

1TB Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle

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