New 12.1″ Audi Android Tablet Proves to be Much more than a Tabet

Audi has proven that it can stand for much more than cars as this year’s showing at CES has brought forth new Android technology. One of the biggest car manufacturers and the largest tech branding has teamed up to bring new innovational technology. Audi and Android have come together to fully expand on the premise of both as the new Audi Android tablet has been born.

A 12.1” Audi Android tablet was introduced at CES, and it shows us that users can do much more than surf the web, play games, and take pictures with you on the go. The new Audi Smart Display tablet optimizes the time within an Audi car by using the onboard Wi-Fi which allows you to seamlessly connect to the internet.

Audi Android Tablet

The new durable Android tablet was built to withstand the rigors of being in the car, but will also be used for those on the go. It will feature a 10.2” display and will boast a full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920. The new Audi Android tablet is also expected to offer users a clean navigation interface and will make it easier to interface between songs, MP3s, and pictures between the tablet and the car itself.

Probably the biggest surprise of the Audi Android Tablet Smart Display was not on the tablet itself, but what the tablet can do with an Audi car. By interfacing directly with the Audi Android tablet, users can remotely control their cars. Driver less cars is something that has been talked about the for some time now, and it seems as though Audi will be rolling out the new tablet technology to make it happen by the end of this year.

Minimal details have been made official other than what we seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but we’re expecting much more to come over the coming months.

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