10 Highly Effective Samsung Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro User

Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks are available online abundantly. But not all of them are known to everyone, as it’s still a relatively new device. In this article, you will find 10 highly effective tips and tricks of the new flagship phone. By using them, you can transform yourself into a Pro. Now, let’s dive in.

Use Your Phone as a Wireless Charger - One of the Coolest Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks

Use Your Phone as a Wireless Charger – One of the Coolest Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks

The Galaxy S10 comes with several new features. One of the most groundbreaking ones is the Wireless Powershare feature. It enables you to share your battery juice with another device supporting Qi wirelessly. You just need to place any Qi compatible phone on the back of Galaxy S10. Then tap on the Wireless Powershare box in the drop-down panel. The device will begin to take the juice instantly. In fact, you can charge the iPhone XS by following this method. However, the charging process is really slow. So, you might like to use the technology for the smaller devices, like the Galaxy Buds.

Open Notification Panel Quickly - Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks

Open Notification Panel Quickly

You can take a quick look at the notification very easily. You just need to swipe down to open up the notification shade. To enjoy this feature, go to home screen settings. Then activate Quick-open notification panel. That’s it! From now on, swiping down will show up the notification drawer. Swiping up will take you to the app drawer.

Improve Video Stabilization with the Super Steady Video Mode - One of the Most Useful Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks for Recording Enthusiasts

Improve Video Stabilization with the Super Steady Video Mode – One of the Most Useful Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks for Recording Enthusiasts

One of the biggest improvement of the Galaxy S10 is the highly enhanced video stabilization. Thanks to the inclusion of the Super Steady video mode. You can find it at the top of the camera app (in video mode), where you will see a wavy hand icon. The mode stabilizes the videos brilliantly by cropping into the 16-MP camera. It results in a completely judder-free footage.    

Hide Punch Hole Design - Samsung Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks

Hide Punch Hole Design

Punch hole is a new design feature of the new flagship phone. But not everyone likes it. However, there are several Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks for hiding it. One of the easiest methods is using wallpaper to disguise the cutout playfully. Just download your favorite wallpaper from r/S10wallpapers. Now, on your phone, go to Settings > Wallpaper. Find the downloaded image from the Gallery. Set it as the wallpaper. You will find that the Punch Hole has been disappeared.    

Change the Icon Size

Change the Icon Size

The default size of the Galaxy S10 icon is gigantic. So, it might not fit for your eyes. However, you can adjust the size very easily. In fact, it is one of the first Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks that you should follow after making the purchase. Long press the home screen. Then select Settings. Now, pick your desired icon size.

Use the Night Mode

Use the Night Mode

Night Mode is highly useful for reducing eye fatigue. Also, it is a great way of saving battery juice. You can activate it by heading to Settings > Display. Then toggle on the Night Mode switch. The mode will be activated instantly. You will find that several places, including settings background and notification shade, are turned into black. It is one of the most effective Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks for those who tend to use their smartphones in the dark room.  

Vivify the Colors

Vivify the Colors

The colors on the Galaxy S10 are really cool. However, you can vivify them even more. Just go to display settings. On screen mode, you will find two options – Vivid and Natural. Select the first one. You will see the effect immediately. All the colors will become fully saturated and vivid.

Customize the Bixby’s Functionality

Customize the Bixby’s Functionality

The Bixby was introduced on Galaxy S8. And now in Galaxy S10, you can customize its functionalities. To do it, you have to sign in to your Samsung account. Now, head to the Bixby panel by swiping left on the home screen. Then tap on the three-buttoned options menu on the right. Tap on Settings. Scroll down to find Bixby key. Tap on it. You will see a new screen. Here, you can change Bixby’s functionality. For instance, you can use the button to open the third-party apps. It’s one of those unique Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks that can bring a major change in the way you use the phone.    

Increase the Resolution to 4K

Increase the Resolution to 4K

The default resolution of the Galaxy S10 display is 2280 x 1080 pixels. However, you can increase up to 4K. To do this, go to Settings > Display > Screen Resolution. Now, switch the resolution to 3040 x 1440 pixels. Now, you will be blown away by the sharpness the screen offers. However, keep in mind that the increased resolution can consume a significant portion of battery juice. So, do it for watching 4K movies or other activities that need high resolution. Once you are done, go back to the default settings. 

Cram More People to the Frame

Are you struggling to fit more people in the frame? Just use the Wide or Ultra Wide lens to get things right. It takes only a few seconds to activate them. Launch the camera app. Then tap either Wide or Ultra Wide. That’s it. Now, you can cram more people to the frame very easily. This feature was not available on last year’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, which were considered as one of the best camera phones of the last year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks: Conclusion

This is the end of our Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks. We will publish more articles covering the ways of using the device effectively. So, do not forget to check our website regularly.   

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